About Poler's Cove

Poler's Cove offers a wide variety of pole, dance, and fitness classes to help you become well rounded on your movement journey.  We believe in a balanced blend of strength and body mobility  guiding classes with healthy movements and safe steps to enhance how you will feel daily.  


While we have many pole classes that focus on strength  and technique skills, we also believe in letting go and just having fun through pole, dance, and movement classes.  Get silly and get out of your comfort zone!


Poler's Cove is a place to disconnect from stress and recharge with new and inspiring ways to keep things fun and fresh. We want you to see your progression in strength, endurance, body awareness and most importantly SELF- CONFIDENCE. 


We only compete with ourselves,  and we cheer each other on.  We offer a safe and beautiful place for you to be you and for you to shine.  " An empty lantern provides no light. Self care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly."