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Meet the Poler's Cove Sirens


Somer Ahonen

Owner and Instructor 

I’ve been a pole instructor for over 12 years and I adore teaching all levels.

 My dream to open a studio was so much more than showing others how to swing around a pole.... so much more.

It’s so rewarding sharing movement that lights a spark in everyone


We make friends, we climb over walls or up poles in this case.... we get stronger but most importantly the body awareness that comes through these movements creates self confidence and self love.


I am a wife and a mother, first and always.  I love spending time with my family and fur baby. Nature is my other playground.

I have a background in Visual Art and Design in Photography.  I’ve been lucky enough to travel the nation to different pole studios and pole events photographing new poler’s to the top pole stars in the world.


Pole Accomplishments


I placed first in the All stars Pro pole division for the Aerialympics at fitcon 2019


I placed first in Utah’s pro pole fetish ( while back...)


I placed 3rd in Colorado pole championships doubles division 2017


I was 1 of only 7 accepted into an international pole comp at Pole Expo (2019)


I’m a featured instructor and performer every year at DWFW in Jamica


I performed many times live but a few favorites are performing with The Royal Bliss at The Depot and for Zen Arts along the side of Zoraya Judd at EDC in Las Vegas.


I look forward to creating more and helping others with their unique goals at Poler's Cove.  Follow me on Instagram @somerahonen 

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Emily Nanfro


Hello there, I'm Emily!  I started my Pole journey right out of high school in 2014, as I was looking for a new way to stay active and in shape. I tried a few classes at a studio near my house and was instantly hooked! I love what dancing has done for my body and mind, it has helped my confidence grow and encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle. My favorite thing about teaching is watching students light up as they make progress! I have taught for over 4 years now but I still enjoying being a student myself and learning new moves and combos. I try my best to personalize every lesson so everyone leaves having had a great workout and feeling accomplished. When I'm not dancing, I enjoy gardening, painting, and playing with my 3 pets! 

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Dana Pena


Hi everyone, I’m  Dana Dela Pena. I was born and raised in Sandy, UT. I Attended Alta High where I competed in the 100 and 300 meter hurdles. I was blessed to scholarship in hurdles at Utah State. I have a wonderful husband and partner, we have 2 energetic and  active sons. I was introduced to pole fitness by Somer back in 2011. Not only is it a killer full body workout but I love the challenge  pole presents. Seeing the beauty, strength and grace dancers build into their routines and the playful moments to every and all kinds of music  keeps pole exciting for me. I’d love to share your journey with you in discovering a new side of fitness!

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Summer Yates


I fell in love with Pole and Aerial Acrobatics 5 years ago, and have never looked back! I’ve had the opportunity to perform in various events over the years which I absolutely love. I also began teaching students 2 years ago. Watching a person find the joy of flying is my passion! I went to school and obtained a degree in Health and Fitness along with certifications in Yoga and TRX training. I have used my knowledge of the body and health in my aerial/pole training and instruction. My goal is to help bodies move as efficiently as possible with decreasing risk of injury and improving overall strength and mobility. Outside the aerial/pole world, I am a fur mamma. I have 3 dogs and 2 bunnies and they keep me on my toes! I also have passion in singing, piano, theater and costume creation. I love spending time outside and I crave as much sun as possible! When Somer asked if I wanted to join Poler’s Cove as a teacher, I was ecstatic. I’ve worked with her now for a couple of years and absolutely love being part of this beautiful new studio! I’m excited to work with students and help them discover and hone in on their own passion for pole.

Pole Siren

Marci Strauss


As a hairstylist and makeup artist, I’ve dedicated a huge portion of my life to helping people(women in particular) to feel confident and beautiful! My favorite thing in life is being a mom to my 3 precious boys, but a close second would be my passion for helping people to feel beautiful, inside and out! I’ve been lucky enough to work with my talented and gorgeous friend Somer for many, many years. In that time I’ve learned so much from her and damn have we had FUN! She’s the reason I decided to start doing pole. I had wanted to, and after she started I decided that I needed to as well. I’m so excited to be working with her even more as one of her instructors. My hope for my class is that my students leave feeling sexy, sassy and confident! While I hope that you love the movement and the routines, my bigger goal is that it leaves you with feelings of self worth and accomplishment. That you feel sexy in your skin. That you feel BEAUTIFUL! Be ready to have some fun because we laugh a lot too!! XO

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Alec Erickson


From Denver to San Francisco to Dallas, Alec has finally settled in Salt Lake City! A childhood love of dance led this formerly shy girl to try a pole dancing class 5 years ago, and the rest is history. She is Level 1.0 certified in Liquid Motion, as well as in Anatomy and Physiology through Spin City Fitness. As an equal opportunity aerialist, she specializes in both Pole and Lyra, embracing a dramatic, sexy, and dynamic style. When not at the studio, Alec is hanging out with her pets (2 large dogs and a very fat cat!) IG: @aerial.alec