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Express 45 Classes Now available... 

For the Busy poler....

Your favorite class just a little more condensed. 

Get a killer warm up to rev that pole energy fast.  Followed with plenty of pole and or dance / class curriculum .

(Be sure to check out our express punch passes they are discounted passes for express classes only. Also see the schedule to make sure it works for you)



Intro to Pole (Dip those toes in)


A taste of pole dance and fitness for first timers. 


Brand new to pole with little to no fitness or dance background?  This class is a  blend of beginning pole techniques with a little bit of that pole taboo. Expect a little dance movement around the pole and on the floor.  Bring a water bottle and a yoga mat for floor warm ups.  No lotion... (this will make the pole very slippery) Wear any comfortable pants, shorts or leotard. 

We can't wait for you to dive in!

Pole Level 1 (Baby Wave)


Pole techniques for the beginner poler.   


If you're new to pole or  have some fitness or movement experience this class is a great place to start your journey.  There will be a blend of beginning trick techniques and movements around the pole.  Learn the basics of climbing, sits, spins, and floor work. 

No lotion.  Wear a tank top and shorts.  Bring a water bottle and a yoga mat for warm ups.


Mix Level Foudation (All Levels Pole)

Level up Siren...

This All level Pole Class for is designed to help you personally up your game.  After a group warm up each level will be given things to try from techniques for progressions to strength moves and tricks and spins.  If you want to level up and achieve your pole goals this class is perfect for you.

Deep Stretch (Bendy Beach)


Active flexibility and deep stretching for all levels.


This class focuses on upper body  your shoulders, full back and a little quad  deep stretching.  It is mostly on the mat but using the pole for some movements.  It is a blend of active flexibility to progress safely and relaxing stretches using deep breathing to help you achieve your bendy goals and advance on the pole.  Wear comfortable pants or shorts.  Bring a water bottle and a yoga mat for floor warm ups.


Pole Fit (Fierce Siren)


Strength training workout on and off the pole for all levels.


This class is designed to help you get stronger and progress your pole training.  You will do a warm up and work out on the mat and pole.  This class has a boot camp style intensity. 

No Lotion.  Wear a tank top and shorts.  Bring a water and a yoga mat for warm ups. 


Vertical Barre (Go with the flow)


Pole dancer workout and pole dance flow class for all levels


A blend of dance, Pilates and mobility warm up workouts using the pole followed with a mini pole flow routine.  This is the perfect class for building those long lean muscles and a great way to start getting comfortable moving around the pole. 

No lotion.... Wear pants or shorts.  Bring a water bottle and a yoga mat for warm ups.

Sassy Siren for beginners)


The perfect beginners sexy pole dance taboo.


 Learn a routine around the pole with lots of fun floor play.  This class is great for beginners that want a safe place to unleash their inner siren.  Think fireman dips and hair whips. 

No lotion. Wear pants or shorts okay. (You may want knee-pads)

Pole DrillZ for pole skillZ (Tsunami)


Pole conditioning focussing on progressions for strength & endurance.  Level 1.5 and up


After taking Pole level 1 this class is designed for progressing all of the core moves of pole.  Whether you are just learning them or maintaining those skills, this is the class to help build strength, endurance and level up. 

Pole 1 recommended first.  Level 1.5 and up

No lotion. wear a tank top and shorts. Bring a water bottle and a yoga mat for warm ups.


Sassy Siren (Sensual dance flow)


Sexy and sassy choreography dance class. Level 1.5 and up


After a few of those Level 1 classes are you ready to dance? 

Unleash that inner siren and learn a fun sassy routine around the pole.

Level 1 is recommend first to feel comfortable and strong around the pole.

No lotion. Wear shorts or pants (it may vary from time to time what is needed.)  Knee-pads recommended Heels optional. 




Pole dance flow a fusion of choreography Level 1-up


Love to dance and move?  Don't worry you don't have to be good at it to come, it's all about the fun!  This class is a great way to sneak that cardio in with a fusion of, contemporary, modern and pole flow a splash of sexy of course.  The choreography style will change weekly so we're always keeping it fresh.  Intro and or level 1 recommended first to feel comfortable learning the movement. 

No lotion. Wear a tank top and shorts.  Bring a water bottle and a yoga mat for warm ups. 


Spin pole ( Level 1.5-2)


Intermediate technique and movement on a spinning pole


This class will make you feel like a kid again.  WEEEEEE!!!   Spin pole is so addicting and so fun!  This class is designed to help you feel comfortable with the level 1 techniques while spinning and adding some basic movement together. 

Level 1 recommended (must be able to climb the pole and feel good in basic techniques to attend)

No lotion.  Wear a tank top and shorts.  Bring a yoga mat for warm ups. 


Pole Tricks and Combos (Tricky Siren)

Level 2-4

Intermediate and advance tricks on the pole for seasoned siren.


Come learn some of the hottest new pole tricks  classic beautiful shapes and combos.   Requirements: You must be able to invert safely, hold a leg hang and feel comfortable on a pole with basic techniques.

No lotion. Wear a tank top and shorts.  Bring a water bottle and a yoga mat for warm up. 

Flexy Flow


 Full body stretching and flowy movements.  Non-pole for all levels


Wake up the body, and get it moving and going with this blend of mobility, active flexibility and light rejuvenating flows to help your body feel energized for your next class or to start the day.  

Wear pants or shorts.  Bring a water bottle and a yoga mat for warm ups.

Sassy Floor work

All Levels learn how to move on the floor.

Learn techniques on the art of sensual body movement on the floor and around the base of the pole. Wear pants or shorts bring knee pads and socks or your stilettos. 

A$$ and Abs express 40

  40 min intensive....Abs and glutes focused targets to feel strong from your core and base.  Build that foundation to make your dance and or aerial path easier 

Spin Pole Flow Advanced (Whirpool) 

Level 3-4

After you have built up that strength, and mastered those techniques from level 1-2 come and put them in some beautiful fierce combos.

Requirements:  You must be able to invert safely, hold a leg hang and feel comfortable on a pole with basic techniques.

No lotion.  War a tank top and shorts.  Bring a water bottle and a yoga mat for warm ups.

Zen Pole

A early morning wake up with breath and yoga flow then take your energy to the pole with conditioning and progressive technique.  All Levels Welcome

Choro at the Cove

a performance group routine class. (Specialty)

As we get close to our recitals we will offer a few classes that you could join to perform at our special themed event.  Ask your instructor what options there are.  All levels welcome 

Flirty Floor  is a method and style of dance and movement education that teaches total acceptance of one's physical and mental self. Referencing a multitude of different styles including contemporary, jazz, floor work, acrobatics, erotic, and yoga, this class will challenge you both physically and mentally! Liquid Motion is recognized around the world for its seamless, organic, and hypnotic movement quality. Level one introduces basic floor inversions, body conditioning, and dance exploration for intro to beginner level students. Bring layers of clothing and knee pads.

Spin pole fusion Choreography

A mobility and full body warm up with some basic spins and shapes on the spinning pole with a dance choreography flow. 45 min session. Wear shorts, bring a water bottle and a yoga mat for warm up.  Intro to pole, or Siren for beginners, or Pole level 1 baby wave recommended to try first. 

Pole Party/Build your own class

Grab the gang for a unique night out!  Burn some calories, have some laughs, and learn some new party tricks.  ADD A PHOTO SHOOT ON TO YOUR PACKAGE!

Requirements:  Not offered during pole classes.  A minimum of 4 people to book.  50% Deposite required.

No lotion.  Wear a tank top pants or shorts.  Bring a water bottle.

Private Pole Lessons

Advance a little more rapidly by booking private lessons to help build great techniques and and get 1-on-1 spotting for safety and mastering your tricks and skills. 

To attend a level 1.5 class you should feel comfortable in a pole sit, pole climb, jasmine, holding legs off the floor, and feel good with your basic pole spins

Level 2 classes expect to be working on things such as, inverts, leg hangs, fall backs, butterflies, shoulder mounts, iguana's, and combining basic moves

Level 3 expect to be working on things such as handsprings, brass monkeys, controlled shoulder mounts, reverse elbow holds, feet grips, jade splits, table tops, power spins and combos and much more.

Level 4 expect power (dynamic moves) 

Strength, controlled movements, flexibility moves, longer combos and advanced variations of level 3