Never done anything like this??? You're not alone many of our members are brand new to pole as well.  We recommend to start with a Level 1 (Baby Wave) or,  The Teaser (Intro to Pole)  These classes are perfect for your first pole experience.  If you have dance or fitness background you may be able to hop into our Sassy Siren classes or PoleOgraphy class right away. 

 Check out the classes page for more details on your options as we offer many different types of pole classes to fit your personal goals at a pace that works for you. 


The most common thing we hear is " I can't do pole I have no upper body strength!"   One reason we are here is to teach you how to build strength through the variety of classes we offer!  Read over the descriptions of the classes that best fits you.  Some classes are a little slower paced and others are slightly more aggressive weather you want a running start or just dipping your toes in there is no rush to starting your new journey, just starting is key.


What do I wear?  In technique and Pole Fit classes you will want shorts above the knee.  We do sale cute shorts in studio.  Because pole moves and climbing requires skin to grip on the pole to learn techniques and to advance in tricks.  However, for intro  pole and most of our dance classes you can wear pants (leggings, sweat pants, or any gym wear).  A tank top or sports bra for your upper body is perfect.  (In some dance classes, knee-pads and socks will really help!)  We mostly dance and workout with bare feet (but sometimes socks are useful.  Exotic Sassy Siren 1.5 and Sassy Floor work you might want to bring out those heels...


No, I repeat NO body lotion for 12 hours before you pole on any part of your skin that isn't clothed.  You will slip, it will be frustrating to grip, and it is hard to get off the pole and floor.  (If you are too dry and plan on poling you can apply a small amount of corn huskers lotion,  glycerin or dew point to your dry areas.  We carry Dew Point in Studio for you to try.  

Remove all jewelry.  No watches, metal rings, necklaces or dangling earrings.  This is dangerous and they can scratch the pole ruining the finish, and make the pole harder to use, and damage them.

Learning the grip.  It is hard at first to get used to gripping the metal pole at first.  We  highly and recommend dry hands grip.   We sell it or you can purchase it on amazon.  Dry hands helps your hands not sweat and it has a bit of a chalk like grip.  We also provide rubbing  alcohol, to clean your pole and help reset its grip. 

What do I bring?  Your water bottle and a yoga mat for warm up.  (If you are doing The Exotic Siren class you may want to bring some heels or knee pads but it's not required.

Can I bring a friend to watch?  Sorry, we want everyone there participating.  You can record or take a photo the last 5 minutes of class of a few things you learned.  Wo host recitals about every 3 months, those friends can come see your moves then.

Can I bring my kids to sit in the corner?  Not during a class but you can set up a private lesson and they can come then it they are good little listeners. 

How much does it cost?  A drop in class is $25. For a discount look at a punch card pass or the unlimited membership.  See our rates and plan page.

Can I book a pole party with my friends and how much will it cost?  Absolutely.. but only during our non class times you can request a party. It is $25 per person and we require a minimum of 4 people a with a $50 deposit.  (Tipping your instructor is optional)